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About the Randy Roberts Foundation

The Randy Roberts Foundation was established as a way of celebrating the life of a very special man – and of extending his impact on and through the lives of others. Those who established the Foundation knew and loved Randy, and for us and other “Friends of Randy”, the Foundation makes perfect sense. “This is what Randy would have wanted!”

Randy grew up in south Florida, enjoying everything that the Sunshine State has to offer: he liked the outdoors, and he loved to hang out with friends — and he was known to have a mischievous sense of humor.

Randy’s interest in people and his love of his community and country also drew him to the serious world of public affairs, even at a young age. He was active in student government and in community causes, and as a teenager he served as the first student advisor to his local school board. Though the political party to which he was first drawn was not the one to which he devoted much of his energy later in life, even as a kid Randy showed flashes of the brilliance that later made him a legend in the Capitol.

Randy’s talents and interests drew him to a career in government relations. For most of his adult life, he made his living (and his contributions) as a “lobbyist”, bringing passion and integrity to that profession that transcended conventional stereotypes. He not only represented his clients and employers to the best of his ability, but he also worked hard to develop partnerships in public affairs – collaborative approaches to problem-solving that changed how things were done in city halls, state capitals and in Washington, D.C. while also changing the people with whom he collaborated.

Randy Roberts

Sara Roberts - RRF Founder

Randy acted as a mentor, friend and supporter to countless elected officials, public servants and activists. When he met people, he loved them. He didn’t just want to know who they were and what they did. He wanted to know what they cared about – what made them tick.

Because of his personality and position, Randy had access to the highest levels of power, but he always acted like the kid from south Florida who just wanted to make a difference. When he saw talent, he cultivated it. When he saw problems, he tried to solve them.

And now, through the Randy Roberts Foundation, Randy’s friends invite you to be “in the mix” as well. We want to play a part in connecting people who shared Randy’s passion and principles, and we want to invest in “the next generation” with the same vigor Randy brought to every challenge he embraced.

This Foundation wasn’t started to win elections or to change policy. It was established to help young men and women who care about their communities and want to make an impact. It was started to identify talent and help it along. It exists to find young people who want to make a difference and then give them the tools – education, experience and networks – to make that difference.

The Foundation is here to do what Randy did.

Board of Directors

Sara Rust Roberts
RRF President
Polk Vision, Inc.
Lakeland, FL

Jamie Sims
RRF Vice President
Atlanta, GA

Todd Renner
RRF Secretary
Annapolis, MA

Kathryn Nohe Franco
RRF Treasurer
Best Buddies International
Tampa, FL

Rob Meis
Real Estate
Boca Raton, FL

Ron Laface Jr.
Capital City Consultants
Tallahassee, Florida

Paul Bernstein
Kin Properties, Inc.
Boca Raton, Florida

Clayton Hollis
Retired – Publix Super Markets, Inc.
Lakeland, FL

Derek Bruce
Edge Public Affairs
Orlando, FL

Adam Babington
Orlando, FL

Matt Mucci
Lakeland, FL

Jacob DiPietre
Anaheim, CA

Christian LaFace
Tampa, FL