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Alaina Brown

Alaina Brown

Alaina Brown

Hometown: Winter Haven, FL

High School: Lake Region High School

Current Location: Gainesville, FL

College: University of Florida

Major: Marketing

Current Involvement: During the spring, I completed level one of the Leadership Development Program through the Heavener School of Business. I served on the campaign executive board for the Impact Party as a graphic designer for the student government campaign. I was recently inducted into the Florida Leadership Academy as one of the Heavener School of Business’s 100 Top Sophomores.

Future Plans: I just started a paid internship with the Marketing department at Florida’s Natural Growers in Lake Wales on May 16th. I will continue working throughout the summer.  I am still “exploring” to determine what my future professional plans will be.

What does leadership mean to you? Leadership means being prepared in a diversity of environments to work toward a goal, courageously leading others in the right direction. Most importantly, a great leader should be capable of showing his or her followers that they are able to be great leaders themselves!

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