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Blanca M. Flores

Blanca M. Flores

Blanca Flores

Hometown: Mulberry, FL

High School: Mulberry High School

Current Location: Tampa, FL

College: University of South Florida

Major: Math Education

Current Involvement: Since 2014, I became involved in Members Empowering True Awareness where we bring awareness about Farm-workers on our school campus. This upcoming fall, I will become VP for this school organization. This year, I also served as a mentor to a freshman, through the College Assistance Migrant Program at USF.

Plans For The Future: This summer, I will be in North Carolina doing an internship called Into the Fields with Student Action with Farmworkers. I will be working with migrant students, mentoring and tutoring them, while also advocating for them, and talking to their parents and family about the importance of an education. This upcoming fall, I will hopefully become admitted to the College of Education and start my practicum where I will be in schools every week, assisting teachers, and even teaching myself.

What does leadership mean to you? As an active member of my community, volunteering was my way of giving back and receiving that experience to become a Leader. Leadership to me is when I can show by example, and not by words, how to volunteer, give back, and provide your service to others who need it. Every moment that I volunteered whether it was at church, in school or in my community, I received words of gratitude, acts of kindness and most importantly, determination of the people I helped to, do the same for others and pass it down. This made me realize how much of an impact I had on others and how this made me a leader one way or the other. Volunteering was a way of truly discovering my passion and my calling, which is to become an educator and later on, a migrant advocate.

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