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Maria Baker

Maria Baker

Maria Baker

Hometown: Lakeland, FL

High School: Lakeland Christian School

Current Location: Sewanee, TN

College: The University of the South

Major: English, Geology

Current Involvement: I work as a Proctor for the University, and am still working in Marketing and Communications. I am also a tour guide as of this semester. I’ll be a Canale intern next semester, so I can continue volunteering with a local organization (and I’ll be paid for it!).

Plans For The Future: I am finishing up my sophomore year and declaring a minor in Environmental Studies. I plan on enjoying my summer internship and returning to school to resume my Proctor duties. Looking forward to my junior year!

What does leadership mean to you? My most important leadership role at the moment is working on dorm staff. I have 53 freshmen that are prepared to follow my lead in a multitude of ways, and it is my job to help them make the transition from high school to college. They see how I involve myself; whether it’s with Greek Life, clubs, or academic endeavors, I can lead by example and teach them what it means to have a well-rounded college experience.





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