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Remembering What Randy Knew

  • Think about it: there is no limit to the amount of love one human can distribute.
  • You can have as many best friends as you are willing to take the time to hug.
  • Never miss a chance to say “I love you.” Even in the middle of a conversation.
  • Politics really, really matters. But it doesn’t have to be about love and hate.
  • Being interested in the people YOU love is just the beginning. Now find out about the people THEY love.
  • Family creates us, and we create family. It starts and ends there.
  • Rituals are a chance to think about what matters and why. Everything we do can become a ritual.
  • We are rarely more valuable than we are at the moment we introduce strangers to one another. Be a bridge.
  • No matter how big the table, the occupant of every chair matters.
  • The size of a table is often inversely related to the size of the ideas its attendants will generate.
  • It’s silly to think about someone and not tell them you’ve done so. Reach out and text someone. Now.
  • No matter how much you give, you can never end up in the hole. Boundless generosity is always profitable.
  • Always make time for mischief.
  • There are a lot of ways of getting there — but Randy’s way woulda been better.
  • Deduct one point for making a mistake. Add two points for admitting you made it.
  • Politics is the most important thing. And friendship is even more important than that.
  • It takes a big plan to take over the world. But even the biggest plan requires small plans.
  • There’s no such thing as “work” and “not work”. Make it all fun — and make it all count.
  • When you truly enjoy the pleasure of others, they will have no choice but to enjoy you.
  • One man with a Blackberry, a lapel pin, and a fancy pocket square can dominate the Statehouse.
  • Only the guy on the caboose really knows how many cars are on the train.
  • Lobbying is the most glamorous and unglamorous job in the world, next to motherhood.
  • If you know who and what you love, you can communicate. Think about it.
  • If you’re gonna sing, why not sing loudly?
  • When you THINK “I love you” . . . go ahead and SAY “I love you”.
  • It is possible to swallow a chicken bone and still retain your dignity. Possible but not likely.
  • You can be a good, loyal [fill in one political party] and still have friends who are [fill in other party].
  • If you have to choose between having fun and getting stuff done, pick both.
  • If there’s something you want, I will find it for you.
  • Don’t just leave. Make the rounds.

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