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Rubyselda Moran

Rubyselda Moran

Rubyselda Moran

Hometown: Haines City, FL

High School: Ridge Community High school

Current Location: Deland, FL

College: Stetson University

Major: Business Marketing (Minors: Psychology, Education)

Current Involvement: I am a Bonner Scholar for the Bonner program at Stetson. I just finished my internship with the Haines City Traffic School, and will be doing work study on campus. I am also teaching a leadership class at the 2015 summer leadership camp at my high school for Sigma Alpha Sigma.

Plans For The Future: I plan on working with non-profit organizations, such as the Boy’s and Girl’s Clubs. I also plan on getting involved with my new community in Deland as well as continuing to stay involved with my home community. I hope to stay actively involved in sports and support student athletes at my former high school.

What does leadership mean to you? Leadership means that you care about those you lead. Leadership is sprung by purpose and spreading an idea that all need to be aware of. Leadership is innovation.

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