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Ryan Samuels

Ryan Samuels

Ryan Samuels

Hometown: Miramar, FL

High School: Miramar High School

Current Location: Davidson, NC

College: Davidson College

Major: Sociology (Minor in Communications)

Job Title: Intern for Davidson Elementary School

Current Involvement: I just completed my sophomore year of college and 280 hours of community service this past year. My service in the community included volunteering at Davidson Elementary School two to three times a week assisting third graders needing additional help in reading and math. I also helped teachers grade papers. I also went to Costa Rica during Spring Break where I helped build infrastructure at a refugee center in the mountains. I am on the Davidson Football team, apart of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes organization at Davidson, the Mormon Student Group President, and apart of the Bonner program at Davidson.

Plans For The Future: My summer plans are to stay at Davidson and assist with a YMCA summer camp. I enjoy working with children and look forward to this experience. My future plans include continuing my service in the Davidson community. I also will be taking sociology and communication courses this fall and winter to stay on track to graduate in 2018. I will also be playing college football and staying active in clubs on campus. I was also selected to be a speech tutor for students this fall needing help with speeches and those preparing for job and internship interviews.

What does leadership mean to you? Leadership to me is guiding others to obtain their highest potential or goal. This summer I was able to lead nine children between the ages of seven to nine for six weeks through a program called Freedom Schools which is funded by the Children’s Defense Fund. I was able to connect with these children who came from various cultures and backgrounds. I worked with the children through different activities and readings to help them build their self-esteem so they can make a greater difference in our community, country and world as our future leaders. There is nothing more rewarding than leading others and watching them succeed.

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