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Are you a high school senior with a passion for civic duty and the drive to change the world around you? We want to know about it! Apply for the Randy Roberts Foundation scholarship and let us help you reach your dreams, while you help us reach ours.

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By donating to RRF, you will help support our vision and invest in a future of civic-minded young people, just like Randy Roberts. We rely on friends and organizations to help us grow, so thank you in advance. We look forward to working with you in the near future.

  • Sara Roberts, Founder

    This Foundation wasn’t started to win elections or to change policy. It was established to help young men and women who care about their communities and want to make an impact. It was started to identify talent and help it along. It exists to find young people who want to make a difference and then give them the tools – education, experience and networks – to make that difference. The Foundation is here to do what Randy did.